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Ukraine English Camp July 2015

The following photos and bios help us start the process of knowing each other which is the first step in team building. Feel free to contact each other as you prepare for this great adventure in God’s service. You can get individual emails from the lists of provide you via email.


David Morton David Morton – I am the pastor of a small church in Rangely, Colorado where I have been for 25 years fresh out of seminary. My wife and I raised four kids here. We are now empty-nesters traveling to see the kids and busy dating each other. I like to garden, read, and go to Ukraine. This will be my fifth trip. I also teach public speaking on the side at our little community college.

Byron and Emily Byron and Emily Johnson – We have been full-time missionaries in Ukraine since 2012, serving with Calvary Chapel. We were planting Calvary Chapel Donetsk, Ukraine and doing orphan ministry there until war broke out in the city. We left Ukraine for a season and served in Uganda with Calvary Chapel Entebbe. The Lord just recently answered our prayers of returning to Ukraine. We are currently living in Kiev. Our hope and prayer is to return to the work God was doing in Eastern Ukraine. As we wait on direction from the Lord on how to minister to the East, we are serving with various ministries in Kiev- including this English camp! We have participated in multiple camps in years past. We love the Ukrainian people and this country so much. We are so blessed by God’s faithfulness in bringing us back to Ukraine and we are excited to serve alongside all of you!

Debbie Shope Debbie Shope- I am a high school math teacher at South High School in Denver, Colorado where students are from over 65 countries and speak 45 languages! This will be my 5th trip to Ukraine and I can’t wait!! I am a Ukraine English camp addict! I love to bike, read, garden, listen to music and spend time with friends. God has been teaching me to trust in His unfathomable love and grace.

Kirsten Marshall Kirsten Marshall, I am 22 years old, and I am from southern California. Right after graduating high school, I auditioned and got accepted into Ballet Magnificat, which is America’s premier professional Christian ballet company. I was blessed to be able to train with them for two years, and it was because of this company, that I was able to have the opportunity to do missions work with my love of dance. Ballet Magnificat sent me to Bangalore, India along with my best friend and together we lived and served in India for eight months. It was a fruitful, challenging, and beautiful year as we got to teach Indian children in the community how to dance ballet, as well as work full time at a girls’ home. My interests would definitely be dancing (ballet), singing, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. I have been a waitress for three years for three different restaurants: Red Lobster, Biaggi’s, and currently, The Cheesecake Factory.

Rosalie Marshall Rosalie Marshall – Worked at a café during school and taught swimming during my gap year. Now studying languages at uni. Been on a couple of short-term trips to Borneo and central Australia; and a leader at beach mission for a few years. I enjoy sewing, swimming and playing piano.

Owen Brown Owen Brown – My wife Avalon and I are co-directors of OMS NZ. We have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Previously we were missionaries with OMS in Ecuador. Before Ecuador I was pastor of a small church.  I came from a building background where Avalon and I had a building business mainly renovating and building new houses. I am interested in people, tramping, travel and old cars. I enjoy gardening and making things.

Alli Drake Allison Drake – I go by Alli. I am currently a junior at Purdue University studying psychology. My hometown is Greenwood, IN so I grew up not too far from OMS headquarters. Three years ago, I traveled with OMS to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to help construct houses with Homes for Haiti. I was a competitive gymnast for the majority of my childhood and now I coach part-time. I spent my high school summers volunteering at many summer camps for both elementary and middle schoolers.

Cross family
Carl Cross: aka “The Dad” – age 42
I attended the July 2010 English camp and am so glad to be going back to Ukraine!  By day I’m an architect, and am currently working for a firm that specializes in Forensic Architecture…I do building autopsies.  I can explain that later!  Evenings and weekends I’m the world’s best dad and husband…no really!  I enjoy music and outdoor activities with my family.
Rebecca Cross: aka “The Mom” – age 22…no really!
I attended the July 2010 English camp, and also participated in a mission trip to South Africa in 2008.  By day I’m a small animal veterinarian, and currently have my own veterinarian house call business.  Evenings and weekends…well actually pretty much all the time…I’m the maid, chef, laundry service, and taxi cab company for our family…no really!  I enjoy gardening, outdoor activities with my family, and playing the piano.
Rachel Cross: aka “The Tiny Technical Teenager” – age 15
I have been wanting to participate in a missions trip for several years, and am so excited to be going to Ukraine for the first time!  By day, technically, I’m the shortest sophomore at Silver Creek High School.  Evenings and weekends, technically, I do my best to mystify my parents by staying locked up in my room (more technically known as “the teen cave”) and torturing my younger brother (when he dares to enter my teen cave).  Technically I enjoy music, drawing, painting, calculus, outdoor activities…and being technically correct.
Preston Cross: aka “the Enthusiastic Bottomless Pit” – age 10:
I am excited to be traveling with my family to Ukraine!  This will be my first missions trip.  By day I’m an “off the wall” 4th grader with lots of energy!  Evenings and weekends I’m the primary dirty laundry maker around our house, but I love playing baseball, too!  Especially when Dad is on the other end playing catch with me.  Most days it is impossible to feed me enough food…  Did I mention I’m hungry?

Art Lindsay Art Lindsay – I had searched for God for four years, when He suddenly found me by His grace during my first year of University. He has faithfully led me through 3 years army, 8 more years college, seminary, graduate school; 8 years pastoral ministry; 5 years college administration; 16 years missionary service in Italy; 27 years insurance business. I have authored 12 books. My favorite pursuit is daily time in the Bible.

Paul Shorock Paul Shorock – 2nd Ukraine trip; Raised in NJ, accepted Christ at NYC Graham Crusade; B.A.(Chemistry) met wife at Ottawa(KS) Univ.; MPA Auburn Univ.; USAF Officer, Pilot (B-52 – B-1B); Credit Union Internal Consultant; Substitute Teach; BSF Discussion Leader; Married (Joan) 43 years; Daughter (Rachel), married three grandsons (8,6,2); Racquetball, Biking, Golf

Hannah Cockroft Hannah Cockroft – Ukraine will be my first missions trip & I’m very excited about it!
I love music & singing, dancing, art & baking/cooking. I’m passionate about health, food & nature.
I mostly work on my families organic farm doing physical labor, marketing & the business end of things. I love to stay active & I’m not afraid of hard work. I also am a cashier at Ace Hardware, nanny for a pastors family  & volunteer for church events.

Melissa Norman – 3rd Ukraine trip. Retired from USPS (30yrs) served is USN (4 yrs.) I live in a rural community where I enjoy playing in the dirt with my gardening. I have been married for 36 yrs, Adair and I have 4 children. I enjoy reading, watching movies, being outdoors, cooking/baking, chewing bubble gum, blowing big bubbles, and playing Mexican train dominoes.

David Eastwood David Eastwood – My name is David Eastwood, but most people call me Dave. I live with Viv, my wife, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. We have 4 adult children, but one is not getting any older, as he has preceded us to Heaven following a mountaineering accident. I have retired from bird conservation work, and now work one day a week as a counsellor. I have done previous short term mission work in India and Afghanistan (1975) and Russia (2005).

Alyx Brandt Alyxandria Troupé-Almli – I am 19 years old and I’m living in Ukraine for the summer. The last 9 months I have been serving the Lord abroad – 3 months in Guatemala and 6 months in Uganda with Potter’s Field Ministries. Right now, the Lord is teaching me to be patient and wait on HIS timing for what the next step of my life will be after Ukraine, whether that be going back to school or full time on the mission field. I have a small photography business back home, I am the oldest of 7, and have been a believer since 2012. I’m so excited to meet you all and serve the Lord with all of you!


Worship at 10:30 AM
Sunday School at 9:30 AM

Dress is casual
Music is blended contemporary and traditional


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